Car #1 / S. Ogier / J. Ingrassia (Ford Fiesta WRC): “Terrible, a nightmare. I have no grip, quite boring”. [tyres looking pretty good]

Car #5 / T. Neuville / N. Gilsoul (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “Really tricky conditions and really, really slippery, but I tried to be smooth. There is no line yet. It is really hard”.

Car #10 / J.M. Latvala / M. Anttila (Toyota Yaris WRC): “I had a worry and I lost time on this. A rally number plate came off and it was flapping in the middle of my bonnet, it was disturbing my driving at the end of the stage. A bit annoying”.

Car #2 / O. Tanak / M.Jarveoia (Ford Fiesta WRC): “Nothing happened, a half-spin at the end of the stage. It is sliding a lot. Not so good feeling at all. I am struggling with driving we need to check”. [front right clout, off the rim a bit but still inflated].

Car #6 / D. Sordo / M. Marti (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “Obviously we fixed it When the car is working, everything is perfect. They solved the big problem in the service. They forgot to fix a small thing, but they did a great job in a small time. Thanks for repairing my car. I fixed the pipe of the intercooler”. [fastest through]

Car #4 / H. Paddon / S. Marshall (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC):”The damper problem didn’t affect me much here, I looked after the tyres but there is not very much tyres left. The rally is not gonna be won or lost today, we are managing the situation and keep it through to service”. [no smoke, no visible damage, no oil leaking]

Car #11 / J. Hanninen / K. Lindstrom (Toyota Yaris WRC): “Nothing special happened, I backed off a bit in a really rough section on the dust I was a bit nervous there. Tomorrow will be quite different, it is like a new rally”.

Car #9 / A. Mikkelsen / A. Jaeger-Synnevaag (Citroen C3 WRC): “When it is narrow I really struggle to get a good feeling with the car. When it is wider it is better. I stalled again now, I am not good at using the clutch [laughing]. One stage to go, it is good to be back, the car is so enjoyable to drive can’t wait to drive more”.

Car #14 M. Ostberg / O. Floene (Ford Fiesta Rs WRC): ”I am trying but I struggle with the balance of the car. I cannot keep the rear in the line. I tried something with the tyres and it did not work out and I think I will get even more penalty now. I think it is all about the tyres”.

Car #12 E. Lappi / J. Ferm (Toyota Yaris WRC): “My front left damper problem in the last stage [it broke in the last stage] so I need to be quite careful now. The tube inside is stuck”.

Car #20 Y. Al Rajhi / M. Orr (Ford Fiesta Rs WRC): “We enjoy this a lot, it is good to be back. There is a lot more grip now. We have two new tyres to put on for the last stage”.

Car #22 J.M. Raoux / L. Magat (Citroen Ds3 WRC): “This afternoon is better, I understood a little bit how to drive the car. We went for the softs just before the stage and it is a good choice, there is more grip and it is better to keep the line”.

Car #32 O.C. Veiby / S.R. Skjaermoen (Skoda Fabia R5): “I thought I had a front left puncture, maybe the tyres are gone. I took it a little bit easy on the last section. Everything is going to plan, getting experience on this rough roads, I am not used to this”.

Car #34 J. Kopecky / P. Dresler (Skoda Fabia R5): “The gap is fine. Happy to lead. Last year we got a better grip on this one. It is OK, some of the top WRC 2 drivers are not here but that is how it is. I’m happy. Still a long rally to go”.

Car # 81 E.Camilli / B.Veillas (Ford Fiesta R5): “A little bit difficult, I thought I had a puncture and I was a little bit careful. It is not easy, but everything is working well. We will see how much grip there is left in the tyres”.

Car #35 Y.Rossel / B. Fulcrand (Citroen Ds3 R5): “I got two punctures in the last stage and I run very slowly, but I am going to the service park tonight so I don’t care”.

Car #36 P.L. Loubet / V. Landais (Ford Fiesta R5): [went off road 2km to the end of the stage]

Car #37 H.Arai / G.Macneall (Ford Fiesta R5): “Loubet went off a little bit at 2km to the finish but he is OK. This stage is quite tricky. I tried several things but I am quite happy with this”.

Car #39 L.Pieniazek /P.Mazur (Peugeot 208 T16): “Everything is fine, now we have a problem with the tyres, stages are abrasive and tyres are gone.We fixed the problem so now I can drive my car with two fingers with power steering”.