Former F1 driver Mark Webber has been the guest star of Rally Italia Sardegna 2017. Officially on the island as Red Bull TV commentator, he could not resist the charm of rally.

On Friday June 9th, when WRC drivers were facing the first round of this intense World Rally Championship round, the Australian got on the Lancia Delta Integrale alongside two times World Champion Miki Biasion, to taste this sporting discipline.

Despite his wide experience in motorsport, that has seen him as protagonist on single seaters and 24 Hours of Le Mans prototypes, Webber has been impressed by the power and responsiveness of the car. Biasion, who is certainly the highest possible expert on the Delta, has shown the technical features of the car and explained the long tuning work that allowed this model to become a world rally icon. This legendary car has lived glorious moments on the Algero seafront with an unprecedented and talented crew.

This is my second time at WRC and the first in Sardinia” Webber said, “but I sincerely admire these drivers that are very quick on such extreme conditions trusting completely their co-drivers“.