Car #1 S. Ogier / J. Ingrassia (Ford Fiesta WRC): “I pushed as hard as I could, but with this grip I have you don’t use the tyres. It was a difficult loop, I was hoping to lose a bit less time . Not much I can do. Maybe on the first one I could have pushed more but here I pushed more ”

Car #5 / T. Neuville / N. Gilsoul (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “Except one mistake where we lost 4-5s, we have done the maximum. I pushed like hell in the last two stages. I think we have done our best. I try to increase the gap to Ogier and try to get a good road position for tomorrow”.

Car #10 / J.M. Latvala / M. Anttila (Toyota Yaris WRC): “I did not save the tyres. We had a good run, after the first few kms I pushed hard. I just did not have enough confidence in some corners at the beginning so I lost a little of time”. [more wear on rear tyres than Ogier’s, fronts not bad]

Car #2 / O. Tanak / M.Jarveoia (Ford Fiesta WRC): “I thought there would be better grip but it is so loose and especially in the beginning it is very slippery. I tried to drive well. We had a good loop, but it is very difficult to be at the front”.

Car #6 / D. Sordo / M. Marti (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “Don’t know what happened. It’s an engine problem, we have had it since the middle of the stage. It is incredible, but this is life. I am not a mechanic, I see what you see. I am not sure what happened, I lost the power “. [terrible oil smoke coming from exhaust]

Car #4 / H. Paddon / S. Marshall (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “I tried to drive cleanly. Driving to a plan. The last two stages were very difficult, but now I am enjoying it, we lost the rear of exhaust and it is very very noisy in the car. It is very difficult to focus on the pace notes”.

Car #7 / K. Meeke / P. Nagle (Citroen C3 WRC): [Rolled. He recovers but ends the stage very late with a terrible damage to the right side of the car]

Car #11 / J. Hanninen / K. Lindstrom (Toyota Yaris WRC): “I don’t know how he [Meeke] saw us behind but he pulled straight over, so thanks to him. The car has been really, really good this morning Time has been better than expected, I can still improve the driving. We need to be careful this afternoon so that we can continue the battle”. [rear tyres almost down to the wire]

Car #9 / A. Mikkelsen / A. Jaeger-Synnevaag (Citroen C3 WRC): “It is getting better and better, I am learning how to drive it but it takes time as I have to change my driving style and driving mentality. I have to drive a bit more to the back, I just need to adapt. It is the correct thing to do on a new car”.

Car #14 M. Ostberg / O. Floene (Ford Fiesta Rs WRC): “It has been hot and difficult, but we had a good morning. It is a difficult call for tyres, but I am happy and it looks like it worked for us”.

Car #12 E. Lappi / J. Ferm (Toyota Yaris WRC): “Tell Tommi [Makinen] that five gears is enough!”. [quickest despite his 2nd gear broke!]

Car #20 Y. Al Rajhi / M. Orr (Ford Fiesta Rs WRC): “Very tricky, it is a difficult stage but we are here. We tried to learn something and enjoy. Getting more comfortable but the stage is quite difficult”.

Car #22 J.M. Raoux / L. Magat (Citroen Ds3 WRC): “These stages are fabulous. They are wider and we can try something, compared to this morning they are better. I liked it”.

Car #32 O.C. Veiby / S.R. Skjaermoen (Skoda Fabia R5): “For sure more enjoyable, a really nice stage. I really liked it. It is not easy for me to push but I am happy with our position and with our first loop”.

Car #34 J. Kopecky / P. Dresler (Skoda Fabia R5): “Really happy because, I was not running on gravel for a long time, so we are trying to improve step by step and the car is working well. These cars can take anything you throw at them. You need to be careful with big rocks, it is better to avoid them”.

Car # 81 E.Camilli / B.Veillas (Ford Fiesta R5) “We are happy, the car is working very well and the sun shines, everything is going well. I am very happy. I am not just looking calm, I am calm”.

Car #35 Y.Rossel / B. Fulcrand (Citroen Ds3 R5): “I love this stage, the feeling is better stage after stage. I am happy with my car. I learnt a lot”.

Car #39 L.Pieniazek /P.Mazur (Peugeot 208 T16): “I lost power steering at the beginning of today and I am completely exhausted. But we made it through. Now we go back to service and hope we can fix it”.