President Sticchi Damiani with the local Authorities planted a tree along the boardwalk symbol of the carbon offset plan during the competition that in 2016 received the environmental certification ” Progress Toward Excellences” from Fia Institute

Sticchi Damiani president of ACI (Automobile Club Italia) with the local authorities of Region Sardegna and Alghero planted a tree along the boardwalk near the service park area of the seventh round of the 2017 WRC .
A symbolic act in the action of The “carbon offset” done during the Italian round of the competition that confirms the high awareness towards the environment, and that for this reason already in 2016 obtained the certification “Progress Towards Excellences” from FIA Institute, a section of Federazione Internazionale Automobile dedicated to motor sport events sustainability.
It is a fundamental part of ACI’s Mission to start a policy of awareness and responsibility about mobility. Among the initiatives arranged to defend the environment organized by the technical area of Automobile Club d’Italia, as an answer to invitations from Fia Institute, together with Comune di Alghero, Forestas and Porto Conte Regional park there is that one of planting in the city and in the park area plants that are able to clean the air.
Only recently the public’s opinion has discovered the new concept of the “carbon offset” in other words practical things that can be done to decrease the immission of carbon dioxiede (CO2)