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There were lots of us, bathed in sunshine, feeling the ground vibrating. We smelled the fuel and the rubber. We breathed dust and hold our breath when we saw them running away behind a curve. We’ll be there this year too, even deeper inside, always closer because we had fun.
Get ready to smell dust. Are you ready?

2017 Gold Pass: Rally Italia Sardegna in the front row

The news is the discount for young people and families: free of charge pass for children up to 6 years old, 50% discount for children up to 12 years old. The most exciting way to follow the Italian round of the World Rally Championship. A sort of privileged “armchair” and dedicated parking to easily reach the “Gold Pass Zones”

The available Gold Passes are three:

Premium: 185,00 € VAT included, is the most complete offer, enabling you to follow all four days of the event offering the access to dedicated parking, to the Manufacturers stands inside the Alghero Service Park and to the podium grandstand for the starting and the final Prize Ceremony of Rally Italia Sardegna.

Standard: 125,00 € VAT included, it is the standard proposal. It proposes to follow four days event, access to dedicated parking, but do not allow access to the Manufacturer stands in the Service Park and to the podium grand stands.

Daily: 60,00 € VAT included, it’s the ideal solution to follow one day of 2017 Rally Italia Sardegna in the front row, with benefits and privileges for a day to be chosen among: Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

With all kinds of Gold Passes one can have discounts at the agreeing with the initiative merchandising stands and restaurants inside the Alghero Service Park. All Gold Pass holders will receive a gift package containing several gadgets of Rally Italia Sardegna, maps of the route, indicating the Gold Pass parking and much more.

Gold Passes can be purchased also at the INFO POINT located in the Alghero Service Park opening on Tuesday June 6th at 15:00. Also the passes bought on line have to be collected at the INFO POINT.

SP Info Point Fares

Child 0 to 6 years Junior 6 to 12 years Young 12 to 18 years
Premium 185€ Free of charge 90€ 130€
Standard 125€ Free of charge 60€ 85€
Daily 60€ Free of charge 30€ 40€

Online fares

Online Child 0 to 6 years Junior 6 to 12 years Young 12 to 18 years Groups – 10 Gold Passes
Premium 166€ Free of charge 82€ 117€ 1.573€
Standard 112€ Free of charge 54€ 78€ 1.063€
Daily 54€ Free of charge 27€ 37€ 510€