31/05/2017 – Tiziano Siviero is the designer also of this edition of the Rally Italia Sardegna, the rally that changed its look for its 14th year. The race scheduled for next June 8 – 11 is organized by Automobil Club d’Italia in partnership with Regione Sardegna and this year, as in the past edition, it will be more compact than in the past. The race will in fact involve only the north part of the island, in a liason featuring 19 tests and 312 km competitive.

The reasons behind this choice have been motivated by the two time world champion: “We decided to confirm last year’s itinerary – former co-driver commented – that is more homogeneous than in the past. We chose Olmedo-Monte Baranta again as shakedown. As in 2016, we decided to keep the opening super stage close to Alghero, therefore, we went again for the Ittiri Arena Show, a test taking place in an abandoned motocross and autocross circuit, that welcomed a lot of fans last year. Cars will be heading to Olbia for the night, which was a specific choice to involve Gallura, again after four years of absence, that has been the rally cradle of the island in the past”.

Regarding day one, Miki Biasion’s co-driver emphasized especially the comeback to the Terranova and Monte Olia stages and the confirmation of the Tula and Tergu-Osilo tests. “Eight stages are scheduled for day one, that is four to be repeated twice for a total of 125,46 competitive km. The day will be kicked off by the comeback to the Terranova and Monte Olia stages, two classic tests that have been strong points of this race. These two specials are only a few hundreds of meters apart and have all what is needed to delight drivers as well as spectators. The rally will then continue with the Tula test that was introduced last year, which can make the difference due to its continuous rhythm changes in only 15km. If you don’t quickly understand how to drive on it, you are bound to lose a lot of seconds there. The day will be closed by another pass on the Tergu-Osilo (km 14,88), that is a classic of the Rally Italia Sardegna».

The longest and toughest day of the race will follow on Saturday in the region of Mount Acuto. «This is going to be a very selective day, despite featuring only six tests – Siviero explained – as it is the longest with its 143 competitive km. The stages, to be repeated twice, are a very short version of the Coiluna-Loelle (km 14,95), with live TV coverage in the afternoon, Monti di Alà (km 28,52) and Monte Lerno. These last two stages are split by only a few hundreds of meters, and they are kind of a monstre 58km stage. We decided not to join them in one single test, as in case of problems too many kilometers would be lost with the risk of making the rally shorter and less tough».

The final leg on Sunday June 11th will include 42,04 competitive km split in four stages. «This is the classic closing leg, with two loops on a shortened 6,96 km stage Sassari-Argentiera and two on the Cala Flumini (km 14,06), that will be the closing power stage again. The Argentiera stage was run for the first time last year and will take place in the Palmadula area. It will feature a passage through an abandoned silver lead mine and some really beautiful spots by the sea. The success obtained last year both in terms of fans along the stage and on TV persuaded us to confirm it as part of the rally».

Tiziano Siviero does not have any doubts on where the race will be decided. «The second leg with the whole Monte Lerno area will be decisive again. This is a very classic part of the rally, one in which the best drivers have always managed to rule and to inflict important gaps. This is definitely going to be a real challenge for experienced and rookie contenders to the world title».